The list of projects we have worked on with other partners.

Linking health institutions - Varazdin County

Building on our product IHIS, a hospital information system that was developed for the needs of the general hospital Varazdin, we launched together with the Varazdin County, the e-Health, which we connected family doctors in primary health care to the general hospital Varazdin.

Initially, primary care physicians have two main options:

  • ordering of patients on waiting lists created in Varazdin hospital
  • review of medical records for patients who are sent on time to the hospital
Service has been implemented three years before national project "eList waiting", even the Minister of Health, after a visit to Varazdin County requested a summary of the project, which has been well received and done, but unfortunately we could not get a chance to implement it at the national level, although we had a finished product that is 3 years old excellent functioning to the satisfaction of all.

It should be noted that in cooperation with the Varazdin County, and with the participation of leading people and local government, in 2010 the project was presented in Brussels, and has been well received among EU regions.

Web application, start 2009, Partner: Varazdin County

The system of primary health care - Croatia and Macedonia

Medicus.NET is a trademark brand of the MCS Group from Zagreb, and is the leading system for primary health care in the Republic of Croatia. Based on these qualifications, obtained the trust and engagement on a similar project for the whole of the Republic of Macedonia.

Our engagement was in both countries. We developed some specific components and worked on parts of the system.

We had a much larger role in the development Medicus.NET applications for the Republic of Macedonia, which is set on the idea Medicus.NET Croatian, but completely anew, as a separate application. Our role in the development of this system has been one of the leading. The project is fully completed and submitted to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia.

Web application, start 2009, Partner: MCS Group, Zagreb


We cooperate with many companies, with some directly and others indirectly with. Common to all of them is very fair and long-standing relationship to our mutual satisfaction. Here we have listed only the most significant:

Hospital system and Health Network

Joint participation in both of these projects through one of the companies of the group: KING ICT.


Working as a partner in projects of Health in Croatia and Macedonia.


Joint participation in projects of e-health.